ActionAid International Cambodia (AAC)

The product is under the Women-Led to Alternative Climate Change in Cambodia (WLACC) project including the Women Resilience Index on Climate Change, Natural Resource Document Ecotourism

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

The Fishway model; This project aims to synthesize and generate research, facilitating greater adoption of fishway technology in Cambodia as well as Asian countries through improved capacity and governance structures.

CAPRED (Cambodia Australia Partnership for Resilient Economic Development)

CAPRED is Australia’s flagship economic development program in Cambodia. Designed in consultation with the Royal Government of Cambodia and the private sector on the best way to help Cambodia’s economy recover after COVID-19. Our goal is to help Cambodia achieve sustainable, resilient, and inclusive economic growth.

Conservation International Cambodia

CI Cambodia's progress and conservation sites, such as the Tonle Sap program and the terrestrial landscapes program in Cambodia, including livelihood, biodiversity, REDD+, law enforcement. etc.

Control Union (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.

Control Union is a Certification Body from The Netherlands with its presence in more than 80 countries around the globe. The certification services of Control Union are equipped with more than 200 different certification schemes. In terms of certification activities, we offer certification services for Food, Agriculture, Textiles, Feed, Forestry, Biomass and Bio Energy and social compliance markets. Our Carbon Footprint calculation activities are conducted in accordance with the requirements provided in ISO 14064-3: 2019. Once verification is completed, applicant can claim carbon neutrality – the ultimate goal of GHG reporting. We certify organization/product/event as carbon neutral according to PAS 2060:2014 criteria.


Given the opportunity, we hope to promote the Clean Energy topics and knowledge, which are still relatively new and need more focus in order to effectively address climate change. We also hope to exchange information, ideas, and knowledge on related issues among participants to explore and foster more engaging solutions.
As well as to highlight the upcoming Clean Energy Week 2023 which is an annual celebration of the diverse opportunities that Clean Energy brings to Cambodia. The event offers a unique platform and large outreach to all the Clean Energy champions, advocates, and supporters Cambodia has to offer. We engage on a yearly basis with more than 50 organisations, and we directly reach more than 500K people. We’re looking forward to engaging with more partners and audiences in this space.


Forte is a pioneer in Cambodia’s agri-insurance sector with products such as Weather Index Crop insurance, and aquaculture insurance expertise, to reduce climate impact and provide financial protection solutions to farmers.


Our mission is to grow great-tasting rice that protects endangered species, preserves vulnerable forests and supports Wildlife-Friendly® farmers so that we can save earth’s most precious resources.

iDE Cambodia, CADF-CSmart project

Under iDE Cambodia, CADF-CSmart works with farmers, collectors, local input suppliers and other private sector partners to promote climate resilient horticulture, any season production, productivity and strengthening market linkage, thus increase in farm profit. At the exhibition, we will showcase the locally-produced sweet melons, yellow flesh watermelons, other high-value crops, and coco peats. All these produce are available at most of the supermarkets at Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and elsewhere in Cambodia through our established Melon Association that closely works with farmers, arrange crop calendar, aggregate, brand and market these produce to at least 16 contract buyers, mostly upscale markets.

Kasekor Chhlat

Our company sell solar pump, solar dryer, dehydrator, drip irrigation system, cool-room, agri-tool.


Nurturin Climate Resilience in Cambodia - Nurture Project

Switzerland (Swiss Development Cooperation SDC) and the Swiss NGOs HEKS and Caritas, in cooperation with the Ministries of Agriculture and of Water, support smallholder farmers and their communities on sustainable water resource management, increased social accountability for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management and diversified incomes using agro-ecological production.


Oxfam in Cambodia is working towards a future where Cambodians, especially women and youth are empowered to hold government and others with power to account so that they can build a resilient society free from poverty and injustice. To make this vision a reality, Oxfam focuses on working with others to find lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. We believe that this goal can only be achieved when Civil Society, communities, the State, private sector, media and all other stakeholders work together to drive change.


Sam Veasna Conservation Tours Co., Ltd (SVC)

We are promoting the sustainable ecotourism (bird watching trip) across Cambodia to support local community livelihood and conserve their habitats and wildlife.

Shelter of Love Center, Cambodia

Greenhouse agriculture farming with an emphasis on using simple, low cost tech to create controlled-environment growing for Salad crops.


SOLAR GREEN ENERGY (CAMBODIA) CO., LTD called SOGE, was legally registered in December 2013 to work in Renewable Energy Sector especially in Solar Energy field. Actually, we first founded as an association called “Renewable Energy Development Association (REDA)” in 2008. The goal of this association was to increase the use of green energy in Cambodia. Now, SOGE provides high quality and standard products and services with highest responsibility. We sell all kinds of solar system such as SOLAR ON&OFF GRID, SOLAR WATER PUMP, SOLAR HYBRID and SOLAR BACK-UP SYSTEM.



Swiss Development Cooperation

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management Portfolio


Swisscontact is an independent non-profit development organisation established in 1959 by representatives of the Swiss private sector and civil society. Our development work focuses on private sector-led, sustainable economic development with improved quality of life for all in developing and emerging countries. A key focus is to strengthen the skills of individuals and foster the competitiveness of businesses.

USAID Cambodia Green Future

USAID Cambodia Green Future Activity has developed an easy-to-use SBCC toolkits (Facebook contents, key message matrix, communication aid, video and other video materials) to promote positive behaviors and actions to reduce demand of luxury wood furniture, reduce buying and eating bushmeat, and stop littering. These toolkits provide guidance and resources to the Project's influencers, youth leaders, Green Groups, grantees, and others as they undertake activities as part of the SBCC campaign. Moreover, the toolkits provide supporting information, communications materials, and communications tips for them to use when communicating about the SBCC themes.

Only One Planet

Only One Planet is a social enterprise that provides plastic free items for business use. With profits, we support a number of environmental projects in Cambodia, and do our best to keep people informed!

Very Words

Our business project in Siem reap, we want to promote Electrics vehicles for eco tourism in Siem reap for tourists by provide rental services with batteries system from Solar energy that no Carbon emission to environment with Zero Carbon goals.