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Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2023

Concept Note

The Ministry of Environment will host the Cambodia Climate Change Summit 2023 (CCCS23) together with the Mekong Future Initiative (MFI) for the 3rd year in November 2023. This event will highlight the progress the Kingdom of Cambodia has made toward climate-related issues and will include expert contributors from a diverse range of stakeholders including the private and public sectors and NGOs. The mission of CCCS23 is to advance the national discourse on climate-related issues in the Kingdom of Cambodia and provide an opportunity for increased coordination among climate change professionals.

The Ministry of Environment (MOE) will be the official event host, providing thought leadership throughout the planning process in partnership with MFI, responsible for CCCS23 partnership campaign and program development. The Summit will include topics on; Renewable Energy, Climate Finance, Carbon Markets, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Environmental Technological Innovations across a wide range of industries such as Agriculture, Transport, Tourism and Commerce with over 20 panel discussions. CCCS23 will also host Sustainable Solutions EXPO, promoting environmentally friendly projects, products and services from our development partners and the private sector. CCCS223 is humbled to have the support of the Ministry of Environment as well as Cambodia’s leading experts and practitioners sharing their insights and initiatives around these themes in a variety of formats including presentations, discussions, forums, demonstrations, panel/round table talks and much more.


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